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Simple Ways To Keep Your Kid’s Toys Organized

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I’m going to talk about simple ways to keep your kid’s toys organized without losing your sanity.

Especially an easy way to get them organized. One that doesn’t cause a mild panic attack or that overwhelmed feeling.

Christmas is over (silent cheer.) For us Santa isn’t the one who causes the problems: It’s the Grandparents.

And when I say problems I mean the toys.

I shouldn’t say problems either that makes me sound ungrateful.

The generosity mine and my husband’s family shows our two children is amazing. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.

So not problems but toys. Lots of them. Everywhere.

When organizing toys I like to keep things easy and simple. Everything can have its place but it doesn’t have to take me 4 hours to get it there.

All the toys my son has are on his level and he can easily access them. That way this encourages independent play and creativity.

Getting Started

The first few supplies you will need you probably already have. Just a few baggies and a sharpie.

I start by putting all the puzzle pieces for one puzzle in a baggie and labeling it. So if they puzzle is a farm puzzle I put all the pieces for that specific puzzle in a baggie and write “Farm puzzle” on the outside.

Then I move on to games. I will put all the game pieces in a baggie and write the name of the game on the outside of the baggie.

Simple and easy.

We have this really awesome toy storage organizer that came with bins. I then put all the games and puzzles in one of the bins so they are all together.

When Blake gets a game or puzzle out he has to put the pieces back in the baggie and put it back in the bin when he is done. Well we are working on that anyways.

Contain The Mess


So all the containers in the toy storage organzier hold a different “set” of toys. The containers include: Disney toys in one, trains, games and puzzles, balls and a junk container.

Some people would call it miscellaneous but lets be honest it’s a kid version of a “junk drawer.”

I included a few picture links below to some toy storage organizers. I love the one I have but I’m really like the one with plastic containers instead of the cloth.

We also have a stand up container with drawers. In this we have: character toys, Playdoh, and blocks. The top two drawers contain slime, putty and other miscellaneous items ;). I got this one at walmart.

The Tower

I have also created a little “parking garage.” This is where all of the toys on wheels go to park. So they all stay in a nice line and he can get them out whenever he wants to play with them.

The Parking Garage

Last we have a baby corner. This is where all the baby toys go to live.

Some of them are in this 3 drawer container, some sit on a shelf and others on the floor.

The Baby Corner

Basically I like to keep like items together.

Keeping things simple and easily accessible are most important to me.

Here is a little taste of real life though with a picture of the playroom in its current and most often state.


Kids make messes. They play. They learn. Let’s help them do so while also maintaining a little sanity. 🙂

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