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5 Screen Free Activities To Do With a Toddler

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My toddler is busy. Who else can agree? Here are 5 screen free activities to do with a toddler (with pictures and links).

Young children love to play and move. They need to play and move.

Children of any age love screens. In today’s world with the easy access we all have to technology it’s hard to live a screen free life.

I mean come on, this is a Mom Blog. Which means you are looking at a screen right now.

I’m totally not against screens even with children. Blake has learned a lot of things by playing and watching videos on his iPad.

But when I noticed a difference in his overall behavior when he hasn’t been staring at his iPad for hours made me want to come up with 5 screen free activities to do with a toddler.

Not to burst your bubble but none of these activities are hand made, if you are in to that kind of thing.

If you are like me you can’t craft to save your life.

So in comes store bought stuff!!!!

Here is my list of 5 screen free things to do with a toddler.

1.) PlayDoh/Slime/Sand

First, lets talk about playdoh.

My kid LOVES anything playdoh, kinetic sand or slime related.

We do have rules at our house when it comes to these items though.

1.) They must be played out in his playroom. 2.) He must sit at this table. And 3.) He is to be on the hardwood floors and not his rug. Trust me though there is plenty of dried in playdoh in the rug so why do I even bother.

I really don’t mind him making a mess because it keeps him busy for longer than 10 minutes. WIN!!

If any playdoh or sand hits the floor I just sweep it up.

I have this really awesome sweeper my parents got me for Christmas a few years ago and I LOVE IT!!!

These are great ways for them to sharpen their fine motor skills and spark creativity. You know all those things we, as parents, need to worry about.

2.) Drawing/Cutting.

Drawing is a fun, easy, cheap activity for your child to do.

Simply some paper, crayons, pens, markers, or whatever you have will do.

What kid doesn’t love to play with scissors?? Just kidding.

Cutting is an important skill children at the right age need to learn. Use supervision when allowing your child to use scissors and make sure they are kid friendly.

Blake has also been loving his Etch-A-Scetch. Which I feel like it can be included in this category.

Just an FYI these fancy papers in the picture are from Blake’s wonderful teacher. I didn’t do that.

3.) Pretend Play

Blake has a ton of Mickey Mouse, Thomas the Train and Peppa Pig toys. He will sit around, makes little voices for them and create different scenarios.

One of his favorite shows is Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom on Nick Jr. and he has a castle and car that he plays with.

The kid has so many Mickey Mouse toys that he has had since before he could talk. They are his favorite and he still plays with them. I plan on keeping them for my future grandchildren.

4.) Blocks

What little kid doesn’t love building things. Building and creating is so much fun.

These are simple toys with endless possibilities.

Plus if you have an awesome husband like I do he will google/youtube how to create awesome things to impress your kids.

5.) Games

Blake here pretty recently got on a game kick. His Nana has lots of games at her house and he loves playing with them.

However, instead of including pictures I’ll just include names with the links.

He is kind of starting to play the games by the rules but still likes to make them up as he goes along. A lot of cheating goes on in our house. With the games I mean.

Playing games are a great way to get the whole family involved and teach important life skills (aka don’t be a sore loser.)

Here is the list:

1.) Gooey Louie

2.) Giggle Wiggle

3.) Jenga

4.) Let’s Go Fishin’

5.) Hungry Hungry Hippos

6.) Don’t Spill The Beans


Well there you have it, 5 screen free activities you can do with a toddler. I hope these are helpful and useful to you.

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