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My Top 10 Favorite Baby Products

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So you just found out you are fixing to have a baby? Congratulations!!

Or you are 35 weeks pregnant and only have diapers, wipes and a few clothes?

Maybe you have a 6 week old and you are curious about some baby products?

You may even be contemplating having a baby and are doing some research? Way to be proactive.

Also you could be way over the baby phase and have grown children, nieces, cousins, friends kids who are having babies and you have NO idea what to get them for a gift.

Well guess what?

This post is for you!!

My Top 10 Favorite Baby Products

My sweet little baby. Sophie just a few days old.

When I first wrote this post for OK To Cross back before I revamped everything Sophie was just 2 months old. 🙁

Isn’t that picture of her just the sweetest. She was only 5 days old in there.

She just turned 6 MONTHS OLD yesterday and it has gone by so fast.

Seriously where does the time go?

My top 10 favorite baby products on this list are things I either had to have in the early days or still use every single day today.

Some things are equipment based and some things are more product based. All things are geared towards babies though.

Because duh!

These are in no particular order. There is really too many things that I can’t live without.

Alright let’s get started.

1. Milk Snob Car Seat Cover

Milk Snob is a really cool company full of many baby products.  It includes car seat covers, baby bedding, swaddles, wraps, pouches, etc. 

We love our car seat cover especially since it can be used as a nursing cover, high chair cover, and shopping cart cover. 

They have lots of different prints to chose from.

I like that its tight around the bottom so it keeps the rain and cold weather out.

It has a super soft material and its very easy to just throw in the wash with Sophie’s other clothes and blankets. 

She looks so disgusted by something.

2. Munchkin High Capacity Bottle Drying Rack

I didn’t have a bottle drying rack with Blake and I’m not sure why I didn’t.

It frees up so much space on your kitchen drain for other dishes. 

It’s a great product to have if you formula or breastfeed because you can put bottle and pump parts on it. 

I received this drying rack as a baby shower gift and I love it.  I have mine rigged up to where it drains directly into the sink. 

This rack is easy to assemble and disassemble as if the rack gets a little yucky you can wash it. 

It has places for every bottle part imaginable and it dries them very quickly.  It’s a great product!!

3. BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush

Like the baby product #2 I wish I would have had one of these with Blake. 

Basically you can put diaper rash cream on the flat part and put it on your baby’s bottom without getting it all over your fingers and under your nails.

 As soon as you’re done wipe it off with a baby wipe and you can use the suction cup bottom to stick it to a box of wipes or whatever.

It’s made of a soft silicone and is really flexible. 

This brush come in various colors. Sophie has the pink one of course.

The one shown here even comes with a mini one. That would be great for the diaper bag.

Moving along my list of top 10 favorite baby products…

4. Diaper Genie

Oh the ever famous Diaper Genie.

Either you love it or you think its an absolute waste of money.

I love the convenience of it. 

I like being able to step on a lever and toss the smelly dirty diaper into a contraption that locks in the stink.   

Yes you have to buy the refills but we have no garage to toss dirty diapers and I never ever ever smell “THE SMELL.” 

So yes I think they are worth the investment.

My fuzzy headed little baby.

5. Summer Infant Bath Sponge

Thank you to my Mom for suggesting this and showing me how to bathe a tiny baby when I first had Blake. 

I love this sponge. 

It makes bath time for itty bitty babies so easy. 

All I do is fill the tub up with a little bit of water, throw this sucker face down in the warm water and squeeze it to fill it up, then flip it back over and smoosh it again to make sure its nice a warm. 

Place baby on sponge and bathe away.  Wring it out when you’re done and lay in on the side of the tub to dry. 

It’s super cheap, easy to use plus when it gets smelling all soured (my least favorite smell) you can just throw it away and buy another one because its so inexpensive. 

And you didn’t have to spend a bunch of money on a fancy baby tub you only use for 4 months. 

I’ll also keep using this when she begins to sit up to reduce all the slipping but can also lay her back down to make sure I get her all clean.

Actually come to think of it I need to order another one.

6. Baby Bottles

I have two favorite brands of baby bottles. Both of which Sophie loves.

Sophie has been my picky baby when it comes to bottles, pacifiers and formula. 

We had to try 4 different formulas as well as every pacifier on the market.

The Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins I feel like have been around forever.

Once again these were a recommendation from my mom.

The thing I love about them is you know for sure the bottle is super clean each time.

There is no need to clean and sanitize the bottles after each use.

Plus when you are on the go all you have to do is pack one bottle extra nipples and the liners. 

You can also get all the air out of the bottle so its easy on their little tummies. 

These Anti-Colic Tommee Tippee bottles were a lifesaver.

I really believe Sophie started to show signs of colic early on and once we started using these bottles she was like a totally different baby.

They have many many parts to clean and keep up with. I sometimes find myself panicking thinking I have lost some of the pieces.

If you are familiar with the Dr. Brown bottles they are pretty similar.

But the bottles are super stinkin’ cute and they have both boy and girl bottle designs.

7. Sterilizer Bags

These little bags are great for sterilizing pretty much anything that needs to be sterilized when it comes to a baby. 

I throw bottles, nipples, pacifiers, bottle parts, all of that stuff into these bags. 

Just add the recommended amount of water and per my microwave I do 1.5 minutes. 

It’s a great an easy way to sterilize without having to boil water or keep up with a bulky sterilizer. 

Plus when we travel I can pack one of these with me and my bottles will always be nice and clean. 

If you are a pumping Momma these would be great to take with you to work to make sure your pump parts stay clean as well. 

I also give one of these to my Mom so she can keep her bottles she uses for Sophie sterilized.

Personally I have tried the Dr. Brown and Medela brand but the Munchkin brand has a zipper seal that looks really nice.

My forever happy girl.

8. 4moms mamaRoo

I know these are pricey. I actually bought mine used and if you can that’s a great idea.

I’m actually not even sure what model mine is because I bought it used.

However I LOVED this. For me it was so worth it.

Sophie was so chill and relaxed in it even during those earlier fussy days.

I could put her in this, turn it on, and tend to my very needy 3 year old.

Not everyone loves these but for me and my baby it was worth the price tag.

P.S. You will need the infant insert during those first few months. It stinks it’s also so pricey and you have to purchase it separately. I borrowed mine from a generous friend. This might be a good registry present a group could go in together and get.

9. FridaBaby

Oh the famous NoseFrida. 

If you haven’t heard of this amazing product now’s the time.  At first glance of this interesting contraption I thought to myself “There is no way I am sucking snot out of my baby’s nose.” 

Well let me tell you I have and I’d do it over and over again.  

First off there is a nice sponge filter at the very bottom of the almost 5″ tube that prevents any snot particles from going into your mouth. 

I have never had any of my children’s snot get anywhere close to the filter, ever. 

The thing I love about this product, well multiple things, but first of all YOU CAN CLEAN IT!!! 

It’s super sanitary. 

All the parts are very easy to clean, especially the tube that holds the snot. 

Second I like you can see all the goodies you are removing from your child’s nose. 

It’s just nice knowing how much you get out and how much is in there.  I think its a Mom thing.

I also like the DermaFrida. 

Its a soft flat silicone brush that comes in a two pack with a carrying case.  It’s super gentle and something I use on Sophie every single night during her bath. 

She had dandruff looking stuff in her hair right after she was born and this helped so much. 

She also had really bad baby acne and dry skin around her eyebrows and I very gentle used this on her face when it flared up.

Just recently did we purchase the MediFrida.

Sophie has been a challenge to give medicine to. She spits it out and that bright red Tylenol is hard to get out of clothes.

I got this honestly because I needed to spend some more money on Amazon to get free shipping and I’m so glad I did.

The first time I used it she took all the medicine no problems at at all.

Fridababy does it again ya’ll!

10. Sleeping Baby Zipadee-zip

Are you tired of me talking about this product yet?

I will never stop talking about this.

I love this thing. Sophie loves this thing. And we get sleep.

What I love is that it completely surrounds them.

I feel safe and Sophie feels safe.

When we first started transitioning out of the swaddle it was a nightmare.

She was waking herself up constantly by coming out of the swaddle and it made me a nervous wreck because I thought it was going to come up over her face.

But when I tried not swaddling her arms she would still wake herself up because her startle reflex was still so strong.

So I tried the Zipadee.

First night she slept completely through the night.

I know this product won’t work for everyone but it worked for us and I know others who love it like we do.

Sophie knows when she gets this thing on that it’s time for sleep. Man I love my sweet girl.

My chunky sweet 6 month old!

That’s all I got.

I hope you enjoyed listening to me ramble.

Please feel free to share share share. I do really appreciate it.

And if you haven’t signed up for my weekly newsletter here is a link to take you to the place to do so. Or just keep scrolling down or up if you are on a desktop. It’s somewhere on this site.

Congratulations to all you Mommas-to-be.

Whether it’s your first, fifth or whatever I know you will rock it.

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