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5 Ways To Deal With Winter Blues

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Here in good ole Oklahoma the weather can change within minutes.

Like this week for instance one part of the state was below freezing and the other part was enjoying 60 degree temperatures.

But today, all of us here in Oklahoma are back to cold, wet, icy weather conditions. Oh with possible snow tomorrow.

Fun right?

So what are some ways to deal with winter blues?

Before I jump in let me just say I really don’t mind cooler temperatures.

However day after day of freezing uncomfortable weather can be daunting.

Once Christmas is over I am ready for some Springtime.

I am counting down the days till the sun shines, birds sing and my active almost 4 year old can play outside for longer than 15 minutes.

Okay now let’s jump in.

5 Ways To Deal With Winter Blues

1.) Plan Things for Spring

If you know me personally or have read any of my other posts you may have learned that I LOVE PLANNING.

So me planning things for Spring should not be surprising to you.

Having something to look forward to can help you get through those cold winter days.

Something that I am planning to do this Spring (with help from my BFF) is plant a garden!!

I am so excited because this is something I wanted to do last Spring/Summer but I was so pregnant and so miserable I wasn’t able to do so.

Like I couldn’t stand for longer than a couple of minutes without getting winded so I knew digging around on my hands and knees in the sun was a no go.

But this year I am ready!

I have been researching, scouting out the gardening section at Walmart and chatting with my seasoned gardener friend about what I should and shouldn’t do.

My husband and I even chatted last night about where we should put my garden. He’s on board with helping me.

Also I want to get Blake (my almost 4 year old son) outside and help me.

It can be something we can do together and even he is getting a little excited about it.

I got a bunch of supplies at the Dollar Tree of all places and I just hope that I didn’t commit some sort of gardening crime by buying some seeds from there.

The stuff I found at Dollar Tree.

But if gardening isn’t your thing maybe try planning a nice outing or even a small trip.

Blake asked the other day if we could have a picnic when it gets warmer so we will do that.

Our whole family also loves the zoo so we might even do that soon.

Just planning something no matter how big or small to have to look forward too can help boost your spirits and get you through these cold winter days.

2.) Find a New Hobby That Can Be Done Indoors

Are ya’ll tired of me talking about bread baking?

Because if you are sorry not sorry.

I have always loved to bake. I even dedicated a whole blog post to the cause.

Find a new hobby that can be done indoors.

Things like putting together puzzles, painting, knitting, baking or even blogging (wink.)

Let your kids get involved. Blake loves helping me bake.

And you know what else is a good indoor activity? Laundry. Just joking.

But if you are like me you’ve got plenty of it.

3.) Have A Themed Night

Have a themed night with your kids or friends.

This one could be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make it.

Okay so in our house we have something called “Air Fryer Night.”

If you have not yet gotten an air fryer and you are into making chicken nuggets, corn dogs, french fries, mozzarella sticks, etc. then you need one.

This is not the one I own personally but it was the best price and it had good reviews. I’ve had Bella products in the past and have been pleased with them.

Let’s just say we use ours weekly. Sometimes more.

But you could also do things like pizza night, game night, movie night or out to eat night.

Hey have a big party if that’s more your style.

I am more low key but whatever suits you.

This is also something you could carry throughout the rest of the year.

Once you get bored with one thing, switch it up to something else. Boom.

4.) Read A Book

Yes I am telling you to read a book.

The woman who has not read an entire book since early 2015 is telling you to read a book.

Pre-kid Rami would spend hours and hours in bed or on the couch reading for fun.

Post-kid Rami does not do any of those things.

However, I am currently reading a book that the ladies at my church are doing a study through.

I very much enjoy reading so does my husband and son.

So maybe its just reading to your children or reading when you can. Maybe you and your husband could read something together.

But enjoying a good book (while having a cup of coffee never hurts) it can help relax you and get your through those winter blues.

5.) Spring Clean Early

The Marie Kondo experience/phenomenon took the internet by storm in early January and I’m not gonna lie I got swept up in it for only a second.

The sad part is when I started cleaning things out I ended up finding more stuff I forgot I had in storage.

I did get rid of some things but I just replaced it with the cool stuff I found.


Get your spring cleaning done early so you don’t have to deal with it come Spring.

I cleaned out my kitchen, bedroom, the baby’s room and we reorganized the playroom.

Now come April I don’t have to worry about it.

I also feel so much better now that it’s all done.

We still have a few things we are wanting to do around the house but for the most part it looks pretty good!

So there you go. 5 ways to deal with winter blues.

Spring is just around the corner. Hopefully..

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