About Me

Hi Everyone!!  My name is Rami.  Pronounced like Do-Ra-Me (you know Sound of Music.)  I live in a small town in Oklahoma.  I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful children and two crazy chocolate labs.  I live on 5 acres in a 3 bedroom farmhouse with a shiplap bathroom (shoutout to JoJo.)  I work in pediatrics and working with children is something I always wanted to do.  I love Jesus Christ and what He has done in my life.   A lot of my posts will be about my Christian faith and it’s extreme importance to me.  I hope to be as open and honest as possible about my failures, my stresses, my passions, my anxieties, my hopes, my dreams, my fears and one of the most important things: my motherhood journey.  The things God has taught me through this journey I just have this great want to share with you all.  I am in no way shape or form perfect.  My struggles outweigh my strides but I am who I am because of them.  The name “OK To Cross” was something I came up with in High School.  At the time it was kind of a pun on “OK” me being from Oklahoma and it being “OK” to cross through and read about my life.  That’s still pretty true today.  I want to share with you all.  I want to hear from you.  I want to relate to young Moms, Moms of young ones and all Moms in general.  I want us to raise each other up.  I want to learn from you.  I want to know about your struggles and your strides.  It’s OK to cross through and I’m always ready to start a conversation.

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