My “Friendly” Product Picks

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All Time Favorite Amazon Finds


You all know how much I love these!

The hair care system I use that has helped with my postpartum hair loss.

Fridababy is just the best!! Sophie takes her medicine now no problems.

This is a super cute book about potty training. I bought this book for Blake when we started potty training him and he loved it.

My Sophie could not live without her Sophie. Sophie the Giraffe was has been a longtime favorite in our household. I am thinking about ordering a second because if we lose this one we will be in trouble.


So Blake has a terrible grasp on his pencils and my OT friend recommended these. They have helped so much!!

“The Book With No Pictures” is a children’s book by B.J. Novak. For those of you that watch “The Office” he plays Ryan. It is hilarious and so cute. It is one of Blake’s favorites.

If you read my blog post about marriage then you saw my recommendation of this book. Such a great read. Click here to read the blog post.

Blake and I have been rocking out (haha) to this new Brooks and Dunn “Reboot” CD. I got it for Mother’s Day and we love it. Blake has a new love for “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”

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